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Digital Object Identifier - DOI - of the Statistical Information System GeroStat

For the Statistical Information System GeroStat a DOI has been registered. DOIs are permanent and persistent identifiers used for citation and linking of electronical ressources (f.i., texts, research data or other contents). Each DOI leads to up-to-date and structural meta data on the registered source.

If you use GeroStat data for your publications, please cite the appropriate DOI and by this unambiguously refer to the specific data you have used for your analyses. Please cite as follows:

© GeroStat, German Centre of Gerontology, Berlin. DOI 10.5156/GEROSTAT
and source of the basic data as shown under each query and result page.

By this, it becomes very easy for your audience to gain a quick and precise overview of your data source.

On http://dx.doi.org you can resolve any DOI and are directed to access information and metadata of the registered object.